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We are a branding and advertising agency with roots in Denmark’s third-biggest city, Odense, and an international outlook . We work in a relaxed, “get-the-job-done” environment that keeps spirits high and has empowered us to deliver compelling, viable solutions for years – for LEGOLAND®, Illinois Tool Works (ITW), the University of Southern Denmark, LEGO Education and LE KLINT , just to name a few.

For us, the most important thing is that communication is honest, direct and fits your needs. It’s a formula that is working for our clients and their customers in Denmark and around the world – and we believe it’s one that can work for you, too.

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Do we work in accordance

with a particular model?

Yes, we do. And sometimes it looks like this one. Other times, it’s even more complex – or perhaps simpler. It really depends on the task at hand. The truth is, we don’t think it makes sense to squeeze every client into the same model. Our clients are different, have different needs, and face different challenges. And that’s our starting point for working with you.


Our terms and conditions
for mouret/co.

Unless otherwise agreed, the following terms and conditions apply when working with mouret/co:


Tenders are valid 3 months from the tender date, and all prices are exclusive of VAT and additional costs. “Additional costs” include, but are not limited to, costs associated with photo shoots, image manipulation, retouching (fashion), purchased images, usage rights, application illustrations, translation, transportation, accommodation and food, materials, special packaging, printing and postage/delivery. Tenders do not cover unforeseen events. If an unforeseen event should occur, mouret/co shall notify the client as soon as possible.

The price for any agreed services (hereafter referred to as “services”) include 2 rounds of review/proof-reading and correction of any errors. In case of deviations from the production plan or change requests received after finishing work has commenced, we are entitled to charge for any additional incurred costs.


Our payment terms are 8 days from the invoice date, and we reserve the right to demand an appropriate initial payment or monthly billing arrangement for ongoing projects. If the total value of an order exceeds DKK 100,000, we reserve the right to invoice over 2 or more instalments.

If a project runs significantly over budget, we will notify the client as soon as possible.

In general, we invoice for services upon delivery. When deemed appropriate for ongoing projects, however, we can demand payment of an initial amount followed by monthly instalments based on set milestones or accrued hours. The payment due date will appear on your invoice or be otherwise provided by mouret/co. If a payment is late, interest will be charged in accordance with applicable Danish legislation. Reimbursement of any payment or fee can only occur by agreement with mouret/co.

If a client chooses to dispute an invoice, the client must notify mouret/co in writing immediately and no later than 1 week subsequent to receiving the invoice. The customer is only entitled to delay payment of that portion of the invoice the client has chosen to dispute.


All materials mouret/co has developed for a project will be presented to the client for reviewing/proof-reading prior to the due date for final delivery. If the client fails to meet an agreed deadline for providing mouret/co with material or other information, mouret/co is no longer bound by the original due date for final delivery – but will make every effort to make up for the lost time.


Subject to payment in full, the client is granted unlimited rights to use the finished material to the extent agreed upon or assumed in Denmark during the contract period . The transfer of ownership rights to trademarks and domain names, however, is subject to additional payment.

For an additional fee payable to mouret/co, the client can be granted additional rights to services, including the right to use said services after the end of the contract period, in markets outside Denmark or via unaffiliated entities. mouret/co shall be responsible for clearing third-party rights to services to the same extent as for usage rights. However, this does not include material provided by the client or any of the client’s previous business partners. If rights clearance is not possible within reasonable limits or via limitations, mouret/co shall inform the client. If the client exercises his right to secure further rights to services, mouret/co shall arrange for additional clearance, provided this has been agreed to in writing/electronically and mouret/co receives compensation for the service.

mouret/co can undertake legal research and assist with trademark and domain name registration if agreed to in writing with the client.

During and subsequent to the contract period, mouret/co is entitled, as part of its marketing initiatives, inform others of the working relationship by using the client’s name and services delivered, provided no breach of loyalty occurs and in accordance with Point 2.1. If mouret/co submits supplied services to awards or competitions, the client shall be notified in advance.

Legal responsibility

mouret/co is responsible for ensuring that all services are provided in accordance with applicable Danish legislation (§§ 1-12). The client is responsible for ensuring compliance with other legislation and accepted business practices. The client shall notify mouret/co in writing/electronically well in advance of the delivery of a service if any special legislation or product requirements etc. are to be taken into account.

Responsibility for materials

Once the client has proof-read and approved the material, the client assumes responsibility for the correctness of that material. The client is responsible for ensuring that all relevant legislation and accepted business practices are observed. mouret/co’s compensation liability does not extend to indirect loss/damages and cannot exceed the amount invoiced for the specific service that any eventual claim to compensation refers to. mouret/co reserves the right to remedy and re-deliver any contested material.

Confidentiality and storage/transfer of material

During and subsequent to the contract period, the parties shall treat non-public knowledge about each other with confidentiality.

mouret/co retains copies of services and, in mouret/co's estimation, material used to provide said services for 2 years subsequent to delivery, but no more than 6 months after the contract period has ended. During this period, mouret/co shall provide the client with copies of said services and stored materials upon request, provided that no unsettled financial business exists between mouret/co and the client, and provided the client pays mouret/co for the time required to provide such copies in accordance with applicable rates and costs.

Cancellation of orders

Cancellation of an order must occur in writing/electronically and implies that mouret/co will stop any ongoing work and limit costs to the client as much as possible. The client is liable for any costs already incurred or incurred as a consequence of the cancellation, and for any and all hours consumed by mouret/co in accordance with mouret/co’s applicable hourly rates.